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For starters, you surely would have already noticed that the new Playgrounds is now also a part of the NBA 2K family, with its full title being NBA 2K Playgrounds 2. Just before its original launch, which was supposed to be summer 2018, Playgrounds 2 was delayed.

If you can overlook the heavier integration of the online component and the microtransactions (which, again, are pretty avoidable), then there's a really good chance you'll still have a lot of fun with NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 regardless of whether you've already played the original or not.

However, I can't ignore the fact that one day the Playgrounds 2 user base is going to drop. If you don't have a car jack you'll have to rely on the kindness of other players to flip you back. When a player installs blue and purple item on their frame, the player will be put in the tier of their highest tier item regardless of the power score.

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Featuring a vehicle design system with endless customization and fast-paced, armor-crunching combat, Crossout offers high-octane excitement in brief and explosive matches. Laced with micro-transactions to take full advantage of players well before the game is being close to being finished, which the game is really far from it.

Unique vehicles, crafted by the players using a wide range of available parts: From nimble buggies to heavily tracked off-road vehicles or combat platforms on antigrav fields. Games like FPS Strategy Share Views View All Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts Videos Links First Person Games vs Blue and shoot the fast funny paced, adrenaline pumping, and get much content right from behind.

This mechanic not only gives players more in-depth customization, but also acts as a self-balancing aspect. This is "Wanna Play Some Games?", A podcast where we talk about anything video games related, from new games to old, stop in and play some games. These battles are real-time and involve two teams of players and AI-participants.

Any vehicle is active” until the cabin is destroyed, before that it may lose other parts including armor, wheels and armament, effectively crippling or neutralizing it. Because of that, it is important to protect vital components on the battle wagon.

If you previously played Crossout or have a account, we recommend that you link your Steam and accounts when you first start the game through this is not done when you first start the game from Steam, then in the future you will not be able to link your accounts.

2K Games' formal backing of the new Playgrounds has brought with it some changes that are sure to make a lot of gamers upset. The cabin is the basis of your vehicle and will ultimately determine your style of play. is your best source for free MMORPG, Browser Games, Moba and Multiplayer Online Games.

Players gather parts and materials via battle rewards, completing missions, breaking down unneeded equipment, or by purchasing items from other players via an in-game market. If you happen to fight bots, prioritize human players over them. The gameplay also feels more balanced due to an improved shot meter, and adjustments made to the AI behavior (you can also select the difficulty level on your own).

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